Blackberry Remote Debugging Server Troubleshooting Tips

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    If you’ve noticed a Blackberry Remote Debugging Server, this article should help.

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    This guide is for configuring remote debugging for BlackBerry devices using command line tools. The instructions for a Mac Linux system are current, but should be the same for Windows.

    Don’t skip what you see, the GDB manual for how to even use the GDB command line debugger.

    Note that Qt also supports remote creator debugging to support BlackBerry devices. For more information see which article. Qt Creator uses the same steps as shown below, just wrap them in your secure IDE.


    • Allow SSH connections to your BlackBerry device. You can find other important points in the BlackBerry Tips and Tricks article.
    • Compile the application in debug mode.

    Submitting An Application

    blackberry remote debug server

    The deployment is the same as testing the app on a device:

    Launch One Of Our Applications

    Then you need to launch the corresponding application on the device and drop it for debugging. blackberry-deploy for you starts with this:

    blackberry remote debug server

    This will stop the sun.f execute earlier (just after starting the whole process) and defer the debugger attachment so that it can continue.


    PID is reflected in the output of blackberry-deploy from the value as result ::

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  • 1. Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • 2. Open the software and click "Scan for Issues"
  • 3. Click "Repair All" to start the repair process

  • . You will need this skill below to attach it to our process.

    Attachments And Configuration Debugger

    (gdb) Intent qnx : 8000Add (gdb) (gdb) info / path / to / application / executable / on / host(gdb) set solib search path $ HOST_QTDIR / lib: $ HOST_QTDIR / plugins / xyz /: $ BBNDK / target_ / qnx6 / armle-v7 / lib /: $ BBNDK / target_ / qnx6 /armle-v7 / usr / libAdd (gdb) (gdb) c main(gdb) c

    With the last command outside of the above block, the application should seriously stop the first time it calls us in main ().

    Note. $ HOST_QTDIR is a track on the development host machine pointing to the Qt root folder for creating an ARM victim, not the device. $ BBNDK refers to the folder that contains the corresponding BlackBerry NDK installed. It contains several versions of the organizer and target files. For this reason, should be replaced with a new value that is valid for your environment.

    If the required libraries on the host do not work on the target computer, GDB may not be able to load symbols from the documented libraries. You can check the valid names of the loaded shared libraries with

    TBD: Provide download playback information for libraries on the device.


     level, code, eisCode, message, bean, entityKey, operation, requestId, timestamp 
     5,500, '', 'java.lang.Failed: securityException: authorization Domain = go in default Package = end2end.rdb: 1.0 mboName matches simpleCustomer action = delete', 'simpleCustomer', ' 100001 ',' delete ',' 100014 ',' 2010-05-11 14: 45: 59.710 '

    As BlackBerry Enterprise Server Research In Motion (RIM) software evolves, so do our debug logs. In the latest online package of the system, the logs have become more detailed. Web Figure A shows an example of a log generated with SP4. (I’ve added a number at the beginning of each placement to distinguish posts from each other and to make it easier to refer to current posts. I’ve also added a risky type for emphasis .) Each log entry has four fields: event ID in square brackets; meeting and time in brackets; his flow included an id in which for the initial set of curly braces; and a specific description of the event, immediately following the ID of the main thread and containing many parts. This figure shows variations of entries that are typically associated with a message that is moved from the user’s Exchange mailbox to the user’s significant server to the user’s BlackBerry device.

    Log lines 1 through 1 indicate that the Enterprise Blackberry Server encountered a new message in the user’s Exchange Inbox. Line 5 tells BlackBerry that the Enterprise Server adds a message to its message queue for publishing and tracking results. Line 6 can tell the BlackBerry that the Enterprise Server is using the sponsor Server Routing Protocol (SRP) to deliver the message to my BlackBerry. Note that the general information that binds data between lines 1 through half a dozen is the EntryID number. In a typical BlackBerry Enterprise Server debug report on the right, although the entries are not grouped as you see below, although they appear inchronological order. You must use the EntryID number in the marketplace to find and track news that interests you.

    Another element that you should definitely pay attention to on the line is the beacon number 6. When the BlackBerry Server device sends a message to the SRP host, it assigns almost any beacon number it uses for the message. You can match all related replies to posts from most SRPs. As you can only see on lines 7 and 8, the beacon number is recorded by the BlackBerry when the corporate server actually sends a message to the SRP site and when the site confirms that it received the most important message.

    To understand the sample protocol, I temporarily placed my BlackBerry firmly in an 18-meter, radio-insulated sheet metal casing to simulate the ability to access the PDA in the radio range. As you can see from the search bar, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server that looks for emails in my inbox determined that it had not received its own delivery confirmation for this message and also saved a record. After twow, how I got my BlackBerry from the store and got the tagline, SRP sent the delivery confirmation frequency and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server logged the problem as shown on lines 10 and 13.

    In addition to using debug activity records to track what happens with each individual message, you can use them to get an idea of ​​what is on the server. The holiday field ID contains a five-digit package. Event ID 10,000 to 19999 indicates errors, ID 20,000 for which up to 29,999 indicates a warning, ID 30,000 to 39,999 indicates an informational event, ID 40,000 times for 49999 reports debug data and strong ID. from 50,000 and more information about another event. For example, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server logs an interrupted SRP connection as event 30155, logs many problems preventing access to a specific mailbox or server with range codes of 20,000, and logs suspended threads with various level 10,000 error codes or even level 50 diagnostic issues.000. codes like

    [50020 ] (08/20 14:00:47): 0x5A0 nSome worker threads foundblocked for 6 examinations

    Tracking BlackBerry Enterprise Server logs allows users to quickly resolve issues or avoid issues that may arise on your system.

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