Are You Having Problems With The Cpf4169 Error Message?

In some cases, your computer may return an error code with the cpf4169 error message. There can be several reasons for this error.

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    Programs using mapping files with * DS3 (24 x 80) or * DS4 (27 x 132) receive error CPF4169. Summary of the problem. Certain combinations of using two display files when the second main file uses the ASSUMPTION niche cause invalid streams or adopted backgrounds when writing the second file.


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    error message cpf4169

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     Thanks for all your emails.I solved this problem effectively by starting an AS / 400 session duringClick the Communication icon in the menu theme, then click the panel to open the Haya configuration.from the window of the van that appeared.The Relevance "Size" on the PC5250 i Setup screen has been set to 24 sec 80, eswent from 132 to 27 and now everything is better.Thanks again Rene----- Original message -----Asecond: rpg400-l-bounces @ xxxxxxxxxxxx[Message D Erreur Cpf4169
    Mensagem De Erro Cpf4169
    오류 메시지 Cpf4169
    Soobshenie Ob Oshibke Cpf4169
    Foutmelding Cpf4169
    Fehlermeldung Cpf4169
    Mensaje De Error Cpf4169
    Komunikat O Bledzie Cpf4169
    Messaggio Di Errore Cpf4169
    Felmeddelande Cpf4169