Best Way To Fix Internet Explorer Popup Blocker Script Error

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    Here are some simple steps that can help you solve the Internet Explorer Script Error Popup Stuck Issue.

    This article resolves an issue where a web page cannot be displayed when a script error is encountered in Internet Explorer. product

    Original version: Internet Explorer 11, Internet Explorer 10, Internet Explorer 9
    Original KB Number: 308260


    If you’re getting script errors, web pages may not be displayed or working properly in Internet Explorer.

    If Explorer requires scripting errors, you can purchase the following error messages online:

    Problems with this website may cause it to display or function incorrectly. In the future, you will be able to view some messages by double-clicking the indicator icon in the status bar.

    If you can select Show Details, you will see detailed information about the error:

    string:Character:Error: Code: http://webserver/page0URL: .htmA runtime error has occurred.Do you want to debug?Line:Error: 

    The following notice may also appear in the Internet Explorer bar:

    Done, but status and errors on the page.

    This issue mainly occurs because your web page’s HTML source code does not work correctly when using client-side scripting such as Microsoft JScript or Microsoft Visual Basic. This obstacle may occur for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The problem is in the HTML source of the web page.
  • the site creates new technologies that are not supported by the Internet
  • This site uses client-side Visual Basic scripts, which are usually obsolete.
  • Active scripting, controls, ActiveX or Java programs are blocked on your electronic devices or on the network. Internet Explorer or other programs such as anti-malware programs or firewalls can be configuredso that they block scripts, ActiveX active capture, or Java programs.
  • Antivirus software is optimized to scan downloaded temporary Internet files or folders with program files.
  • Internet-connected folders on your computer are corrupted.Video
  • Your device drivers are corrupted and outdated.
  • internet explorer script error pop up blocker

    The methods listed in this article can help you solve scripting problems caused by files or settings on your computer. For a quick visual guide to troubleshooting scripting errors in Internet Explorer, download this video:


    Step 1: Check Some Web Pages For Possible Script Errors

    How do you get rid of a script error that keeps popping up?

    Move the slider down to “Turn off script debugging (other)” and press the space bar until it’s enabled. Hover over Check “Show notification for every script error” and press the spacebar until it turns off. Press Enter to close the Internet Options dialog box. Now you should sort out script errors.

    If the only indication of this inconvenience is an error message, and the websites are working, you can almost ignore the error message. Even if the situation occurs on one or more websites, the problem may be caused by those websites. If you want to ignore errors, you will probably disable script debugging. To do this, check the DisableEnable script debugging (Internet Explorer) in Internet Options > Advanced > Browser Settings.

    Step 2: Make Sure The Problem Is Caused By Files Or Settings On Your Specific Computer

    To isolate the cause of this issue, use a different user account, secondary browser, or different computer to find the websites causing the illegal error.

    If the script error doesn’t appear when you’re just browsing the web using a different user account, phone, or computer, the problems may be caused by files and settings on your computer. In this situation, follow the methods described here to solve this problem:

    After you and your family have completed each method, try accessing the web page where you recently received a script error. If you and your family do not receive an error message, the inconvenience will disappear.

    Method 1: Make sure Active Scripting, ActiveX and Java are not blocked by Internet Explorer only

    Active Scripting, ActiveX, and Java are difficult to develop how information isThe name is displayed on the web page. If these features are blocked on these computers, it may break the presentation of the site. You can completely reset your Internet Explorer security settings if you need to make sure these features are not hindered. To do this, follow all of the following steps:

    1. Launch Internet Explorer.

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    From the Tools menu, select Internet Options. If you see that the Tools menu is not visible, press the Alt key to display the menu.

  • In the Internet Options dialog, select the Security tab.

  • Select Default Layer > OK.


    ActiveX controls, not to mention Java programs, are disabled due to the high security level of Internet Explorer.

    internet explorer script error pop up blocker

    Screenshot of the Internet Options window. On the Security tab, select Default Level.></p>
<h4><span class=Method 2: Delete all temporary Internet files

    Each time you launch a browser to view a website, your computer saves a local transmission of that website to a non-persistent file. If the size of all pa If your temporary files on the Internet become too large, you may experience display problems when you open web pages. Cleaning the folder systematically may solve the problem.

    1. Launch Internet Explorer.

    2. How do I turn off script blocking in Internet Explorer?

      Click the gear icon at the top and select Internet Options.Select the “Security” tab at the top.In the Internet category, click the Custom Image Format button.Scroll down the settings area until someone finds Script.Select the Disable as few active scripts as possible OK.

      From the Tools menu, select Internet Options. If you don’t see the Tools menu, press the Alt key to display the menu.

    3. How do I stop script errors popping up Windows 10?

      Disable script errors in IE.Make sure IE isn’t blocking important scripting features.Delete temporary internet files.Allow pop-ups in your browser.Update your software.Check your security software.Reset all created Internet Explorer preferences.Disable smooth scrolling.

      Check the “General” tab often.

    4. In the Browsing History section, select Delete.

      Screenshot of the Internet Options window. On the General tab, in the Browsing History section, the Delete button will most likely be highlighted.

    5. However, in the Delete Browsing History dialog box, frequently check the following boxes and select Delete:

    6. Temporary Internet Files
    7. Cookies
    8. History
    9. Screenshot of Clear Browsing History window. Temporary internet files, cookies and history options are enabled.

    10. How do I fix JavaScript script error?

      Add the crossorigin attribute to the make script. If you try to completely reload the script on your site from another source and add this script tag like the one you are using, the browser will refuse to complete the script.Returns the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header with the second origin.

      Choose Close and then just OK to close the Internet Options dialog box.

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