Best Way To Fix Mscomctl Ocx Not Found

Today’s guide was created to help you if you receive the mscomctl ocx not found error code.

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    Individual step: Open File Explorer and navigate to C: Windows System32 folder. Then make sure the MSCOMCTL.OCX file is in that geographic location. Step 2: Launch an Administrator Command Prompt and run the following commands: Wait for the file to be successfully authorized and the problem should be resolved.

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  • If the program next to you displays the error status “Component” MSCOMCTL.OCX “or sometimes one of its dependencies is definitely not registering correctly: the file may be missing or invalid” while you are actually trying to install it on on your computer, this tool means that it cannot find an important file in the directory or every file is not saved properly on the real Your computer.

    Where can I find Mscomctl OCX?

    1 answer. The ocx check should be in your personal Syswow64 file (for 64-bit PCs), not in the application file, and must be checked manually (common vb6 problem in Win7, 8, 10). It seems that sometimes you can see the file, but it may not be saved. Run administrative mode cmd, type regsvr32 C: Windows SysWOW64 MSCOMCTL.

    MSCOMCTL.OCX is a 32-bit control set with programming options for Visual Microsoft Basic 6.0. In order to use these 32-bit controls, they may need to be installed / registered on your operating system. Saving a file containing an operating system means that that particular operating system stores an entry pointing to the file in its database and also knows that it is, unfortunately, in a specific directory. Therefore, whenever an application needs it more, it can efficiently access this file.

    Before we move on to solving the next problem, we usually need to determine what type of system you are using. This method is different from 32bit and 64bit websites. Check your system type by doing one of the following:

    1. Press Windows S, + enter “System Information” in the chat box and open the app.
    1. Your type is mentioned immediately before the field. Define your primary system and track your pabandoners.

    For 64-bit Systems:

    If your whole body is running 64-bit then follow this solution. The sources we work with are different, if not all of these steps are essentially the same. There are two possibilities; or most people already have the MSCOMCTL.OCX file on their computer. If yes, then it is enough for someone to register and part of the problem with will is solved. If someone doesn’t have the file, you should get it elsewhere. We recommend that you get the file from another computer, as the Internet is full of malware and also pretends to be the right insider; Once your site is uploaded and up and running, you find that you have just infected your computer.

    1. Press Windows + E in the input file explorer. Navigate to the file path:

  • Now check if our own file already exists. If not, grab the file generated by and paste it here.
  • After making sure the latest file is in the correct directory, press Windows + S, type “Command Prompt” in the dialog box, right click the functionand select “Run as administrator”. …
  • After entering the command at the command prompt, immediately run the following commands.
  • CD

    mscomctl ocx not found

    We changed c: windows syswow64 because you can see the current command directory over time. Now we can move on to getting the operating function with the file. Run the following command.

    regsvr32 mscomctl.ocx

    How do I fix Mscomctl OCX missing?

    Review the details of the procedure.Save the MSCOMCTL.OCX file on 64-bit systems.Save the MSCOMCTL.OCX file on 32-bit systems.Reinstall the software that gave the person this error.

    Restart your new computer after saving and use it to check the file if you can successfully reinstall the application. 32-bit

    For Systems

    mscomctl ocx not found

    If you are indeed on a 32-bit system, the steps are more or less the same. Our order and the directory from which we operate will be different.

    1. Press Windows + E to start File Explorer. Navigate to the following file path:

  • Now scan if the file is already found. If not, grab a specific .safe file somewhere here and mix it up here.
  • After making sure the actual file is in the correct index, press Windows + S, type Command Prompt in the dialog box, click Right-click the application itself and select Run. as administrator €.
  • After the inspire command, run the following command:
  • CD C: Windows System32

    Why is Mscomctl OCX missing?

    OCX (32-bit ActiveX Restrictions / Control File) is part of the convenience that Visual Basic 6.0 can have. OCX error message because MSCOMCTL. The OCX declaration may be missing in preparation. Therefore, to use this Active-X / 32-bit control, it must be installed or registered on your current Windows platform.

    We have the current directory changed from your current command line. We can now start saving your current operating system file. Run below command.

    regsvr32 mscomctl.ocx

    How to fix MSComCtl OCX not working on Windows 10?

    If you encounter conflicts with MSCOMCTL.OCX on Windows 10 (64-bit), here’s what you need to do: Step one: Check if you have the MSCOMCTL.OCX file on your Windows 10 PC. You can press Win + E to open Explorer successfully, then understand the location of C: Windows SysWOW64.

    Restart your computer after joining and check if your company can properly reinstall the application.

    Note. We have not specified a method for obtaining MSCOMCTL.OCX as most of the links on the Internet contain malware and therefore viruses. If you don’t have a “current” file, try downloading it to someone else’s computer. It should be located in the same directory that we all described above. If your family downloads files from the Internet, make sure the website is authenticated, the file you are downloading, and it is safe to download and use.

    Suppose you have already installed the file on your computer and saving this situation does not solve the problem, clean it upTake note of the list and try the installation while it is running. In some cases, the installer can easily replace the file. Otherwise, you will need to download this file.

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