Troubleshoot And Troubleshoot Playing VOB Files In Windows Media Player

In this guide, we are going to find out some of the possible reasons why a VOB file may play in Windows Media Player, and then we will describe the various ways that you can try to fix the problem.

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    However, with more complex updates, Windows Media Player (WMP) can now open and play VOB files. Just click and select to open the WMP implementation to run the VOB file. If you are still having problems opening VOB files on your main WMP, you need to download the file’s codec (for example, the same k-lite codec).

    VOB (DVD Video Object) file has always been the file container format used by DVD. A VOB file contains some type of actual DVD movie and therefore its audio and streaming data, which allows the user to scroll through the video. VOB files are very important for DVDs and can be confiscated from floppy disk to actually put a copy of the TV show on the user’s computer. To do this, the user just needs to open the DVD in Windows Explorer rather than playing it with the media player. The VOB directory is located in the most important “Video_TS” folder.

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  • VOB is used to store DVD and access all related data needed to play new movie on DVD player. VOB files enable the DVD player to find the video, audio, and streaming data it needs to watch a movie, and give the consumer the same control over the movie that they have on a computer. Since DVD uses VOB files, any device that has DVD access will support people, including DVD, Playstation and Xbox 360 players.

    A VOB file can be created on a computer by playing it with mostmodern media players. For example, VLC Media Player and with it Windows Media 12 Player or later VOB files abound, although they might argue that the file is never supported. If the user is having difficulty reading the VOB file, a VOB player may be required. Final Media Player supports, for example, FLV, MP4, 3GP, VOB, WMV and several “rare” formats.

    Existing VOB files from DVD can be edited to create a new VOB file using special software called VobEdit. VobEdit creates users to merge, split and demux VOB files to develop new menu tools and insert entry-level video / audio files to DVD. If a user wants to create a VOB file from scratch, he can certainly do so by downloading and installing a program called VSO DivXtoDVD.

    How To Play VOB Files Easily

    Why won’t Windows Media Player play VOB files?

    Why won’t VOB play in Windows Media Player? The VOB format is based on the MPEG data format, and if the version of Windows Media Player you are using does not have an MPEG encoder and decoder, Windows Media Player will not play VOB files as expected. Installing the correct codec is often a smart but inflexible solution.

    Posted by Kendra D. Mitchell | 20.02.2021 20:37

    Video objects, commonly referred to as VOB applications, can be played directlyo on these computers / laptops without additional plugins. But sometimes they are encrypted using the local file format because you simply cannot view or play the file to understand it with the built-in Windows Media Player on your PC. You will see every message “Windows as media player cannot play VOB files”. So, “How does it play VOB files in Windows Media Player” as well as “How to use regular Windows Media Player” are definitely our topic for discussion here. You will receive step-by-step instructions on how to play a VOB file using Windows Media Player, as well as alternatives.

    Part 1. Easy Steps To Play VOB Files In Windows Media Player

    As mentioned, the VOB folder can be read, displayed and edited with the built-in standard Windows Media Player software and also with this dedicated standard media player like VLC Player. But sometimes we can find out which VOB file is encrypted and therefore we cannot play the device with media like WMP andwhether VLC player. The reason may be that there is no good reliable MPEG-2 encoder / decoder on our PC.

    Generally, VOB files are generally compatible with Windows with Media Player 14 or higher. But sometimes it seems that they are in no way compatible even with these versions of WMP. In such cases, we have to learn VOB files using codecs. K-Lite is essentially a codec pack that not only supports one VOB file, but should also be able to play many leftover file formats on any multimedia device. There are different versions of K-Lite, but be sure to set your own “K-Lite Usage Standard” when playing VOB documents in Windows Media Player.

    Steps To Play A VOB File In K-Lite Standard Edition

    How do I open a VOB file on Windows?

    How do I open a meaningful VOB file in Windows Media Player? If your version of Windows Media Player supports VOB files, right-click the file type and choose Open With> Windows Media Player.

    Step 2: Select the file on your PC and right click on the “Open With” option.

    Experts do not recommend codecs that play regular video. Instead, you can sometimes choose the option we recommend below.

    Part 2. Recommended Alternative To Windows Media Player To Open VOB File

    If files don’t play automatically with Windows Media Player, an extremely powerful media player can help you play VLC Player. Typically, this is a cross-platform media player available for free.

    Follow the steps to play the .vob file using VLC player on your PC: 1:

    play vob file in windows media player

    Go to and be sure to install the latest version of the VLC player.

    Step 4: Select VLC Player, Media option and that’s it. You can see the .vob file is playing.

    Besides, you will also likely try some online procedure that will allow you to convert VOB directory to MP4 file and enjoy using Windows Media Player. Please see the steps below to make it easy with an online video converter.

    Part 3. How To Play VOB Files Easily: Convert VOB To Mp4 Plus

    One way is to convert personal VOB recordings to MP4 files using free web tools. Online UniConverter is a constructive and free online tool that converts any form video file to any other video file format of your choice.

    Steps to Convert VOB Archive to MP4 File with Online Uniconverter Converter

    How do I add a VOB codec to Windows Media Player?

    Select the Video codecs and filters check box to check the box next to each of the listed video codecs. Mark “Audio Codecs and Filters” as the best and click “Install”.

    Step 2: Then click “Add File” and select the VOB list on your PC you want to convert to.

    Step 3: After the material is uploaded, select MP4 as the processing format and click “Convert”.

    Part 4. What Is VOB File: Differences Between VOB, MP4 And MKV Except

    .VOB a is a video file stored on DVD discs. It can be moved to a PC and saved in the last folder along with several other files on a DVD. After the software is saved on the PC, the problem might be that one DVD lists all the books available for purchase, as well as the shopping list and subtitles. This is the great strength of VOB files when compared to other types of video formats.

    format The VOB format is used in DVD. MP4 is a mobile file. Media container format
    odec Supports fewer codecs Supports almost all types of codecs Significantly supports codecs
    SEO VOB can instantly cut video into chapters MP4 does not have this feature Not available
    Spreading Can’t broadcast randomly Streaming support Unable to broadcast
    Menu Auxiliary menus Not supported Not supported
    Subtitle May contain subtitles Not available Subtitle support with plugins

    play vob file in windows media player

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