Tips For Fixing Ubuntu Kernel 12.04.2 Lts

Some of our users seem to have encountered a bug in Ubuntu kernel 12.04.2 lts. This problem can arise for several reasons. Let’s discuss this below.

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    The default is 12.04. The two-stage release comes with the new version 3.5. 0-23.35 Quantal’s Ubuntu kernel and the corresponding stack.

    LTS Activator Stacks

    The latest information on the Ubuntu lifecycle and Cadence release.

    Is Linux kernel a 5.4 LTS?

    The Linux 5.4 kernel package is now marked “long term” on the websites and is now an official LTS (Long Term Support) release, leaving maintenance updates open for the next few years.

    Ubuntu LTS Activation (also known as HWE or hardware activation) provides stacks from the latest kernel to X support for existing Ubuntu LTS releases. These activations can be installed manually, but are still available when installing with Ubuntu LTS point release support. These future support stacksdesigned for home PCs and servers, and even recommended for cloud or virtual imaging. Assuming you want to use original GA batteries (publicly available), these options are:

  • Installing from a preserved and updated point release 12.04.0/12.04.1/14.04.0/14.04.1/16.04.0/16.04.1/18.04.0/18.04.1 archived at http: //

  • Perform a useful update or upgrade to get an LTS version of a previous release.
  • Perform a network install using what I would say are the network boot images, not the enhanced network boot images.

  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS – Focal Fossa

    All Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 LTS ships with an updated kernel by default. Ubuntu certified desktop hardware can also use the OEM kernel variant if needed. Server installations may use the default GA core, but may also optionally provide an activator core.

    HWE 20.04 LTS stacks now follow the rolling upgrade model used since 16.04 LTS.


    What is the current Ubuntu kernel version?

    At the time of writing, the current version of the Linux kernel for Ubuntu 22.04 is 5.13. 0-19.

    When installing Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 LTS, we recommendIt is intended to ship with a specific kernel version. It can be HWE or OEM flavor. Changes to the Track GA core may result in a reduction in completeness, hardware support, and certified functionality.

    To determine if you are using a certified hardware platform, run:

    If metapackage types are specified, do not manually change the kernel type.

    ubuntu 12.04.2 lts kernel version

    If you need NVIDIA drivers, select the appropriate level and install them:

    Reboot, abort grub, in advanced options select boot kernel based on 5.4, full boot. Check if everything is working as expected.

    If everything is in order, you can remove other kernel versions:


    Ubuntu 18.04 LTS – Beaver

    Bionic 18.04.2 and newer comes with an updated single core and desktop-only X-stack by default. Server installations will most likely use the default GA kernel, as an enabling kernel can be provided as an option.

    HWE 18.04 stacks will still follow the update model they usedWhether since the release of 16.04 LTS.



    Ubuntu 16.LTS 04 – Xenial Xerus

    ubuntu 12.04.2 lts kernel version

    Dots 16.04.2 and later ships with an updated kernel and X stack by default with respect to the desktop. The server installation should definitely revert to the default GA core, so make the activator core optional.

    HWE 16.04 stacks use a new continuous update pattern.

    It is highly recommended that you read any of the documentation above before running when commands, as the HWE model has changed in version 16.04.



    Ubuntu 14.LTS Spring – Trusty Tar

    Intermediate versions 14.04.2 and newer ship with the X kernel and updated package by default. If you installed using older media, to install a modern hwe kernel obtained from 16.04 (Xenial) you can use the following:


    Multiarchive office

    If you are using a different multi-arch desktop (e.g. i386 and therefore amd64 instead of amd64, for games or wine), you may need a good, little A more complex command, for example:


    Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin

    Version 12.04.2 and later defaults to the new kernel and X stack. The current hardware-recommended enable stack consists of the current kernel and version 14.04 (Trusty) X stacks.

    Anyone who wants to sign up for the Precise hardware support stack can do so by running the following commands:



    Check Your Support Status

    If you need a tool to determine if your installation is supported, use hwe-support-status as described in the documentation

    Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Extended Security Maintenance

    After the end of life of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Ubuntu Canonical is providing 12.04 ESM (extended maintenance), security and important security fixes for certain kernels and core space friend packages in Ubuntu 12.04. All users of Ubuntu 12.LTS 04 can be offered to upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS or Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. But for those who can’t update Ubuntu immediately, ESM 12.04 updates will provideProvide permanent security integrity as well as Ubuntu 12.04 systems.

    Ubuntu 12.04 LTS originally with kernel released prior to version 3.2. The last personal computer activation kernel when Ubuntu 12.04 LTS came to an end was for the 3.13 based kernel. Both popcorn kernels are part of Ubuntu 12.04 ESM.

    For more information about this tool, see

    The following is a general overview of the Ubuntu release schedule, the exact shipping kernels, and timing. 14.04, 16.04, and then 18.04 will send dot release announcements (e.g. 14.04.x, 16.04.x, 18.04.x), so new hardware will eventually be introduced to allow the use of popcorn kernels. For more information, see the Ubuntu kernel support tables for 14.04.x, 16.04.x ​​and 18.04.x ​​directly in the respective sections here.

    Is kernel a 5.8 LTS?

    But since all respectable things are coming to an end, and the Linux 5.8 kernel was not a long-term supported area, it will no longer receive more detailed updates that fix important bugs as well as security issues. .

    This is a quick overview of our Ubuntu 14.04.x ​​kernel support schedule.

    This is a meaningful representation of our Ubuntu 16.04.x ​​kernel support schedule.

    This is a quick overview of our Ubuntu 18.04.x ​​kernel support schedule.

    This actual combo chart view is way off the top (i.e. the Ubuntu kernel release plan with combined 14.04.x, 16.04.x ​​and 18.04.x ​​Ubuntu distilled support kernel charts)

    A more complete view of our LTS kernel support schedule. This includes landscapes for 12.04.x, 14.04.x, 16.04.x ​​as per stable commitments.

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